Safe Schools for Prince George's County

Parents, Neighbors, and Students Against  Cell Towers on School Property

Property values

cell towers  lower home value by 20%

Did you Know?

  • The PGCPS Leasing Master Agreement allows for up to three Cell Towers on each site!!!   
  • The Telecommunications Leasing Master Agreement  is with one company and the individual school leases currently being signed with PGCPS are with another company. The Board did not authorize this change.  Under Section 9.1 of the Telecommunications Leasing Master Agreement that assignment could not be made without prior consent of the School Board.
  • The cell towers proposed for Prince George's County Public Schools are NOT in accordance with Sec. 27-445.04(a)(E) which states that there can only be 4 visits maximum per year and, therefore, under the Prince George's County Zoning Code are required to go through the Special Exception process.  For example, the lease for the Benjamin Tasker Middle School tower  declares that there will be a minimum of 4 visits per year.  The Tasker tower proposal already has 2 vendors (minimum 8 visits per year)  with a potential of at least 3 additional vendors for a total minimum of 20 visits per year. Yet these permits are being approved without the special exception process. 

Click here to see the  Leases and Agreements scanned online.


“What effect will these towers have on us? What are the risks to our neighbors? It’s a no-brainer that LA County should at least have done a proper study before before putting 200-foot high-power microwave antennas on top of our heads."  

- Dave Gillotte, Active Duty Fire Captain, 2015
President, LA County Firefighters Local 1014



Knowledge Leads to Action. We Believe that with RESPECT, LOVE AND HOPE
Anything is Possible.

In Development and Permitting 
Benjamin Tasker Middle School
Charles H. Flowers High School
Charles Carroll Middle School 
Eugene Burroughs Middle School
Green Valley Academy
Croom Vocational High School
James Madison Middle School 
Kenmoor Middle School 
Oxon Hill Middle School 
Parkdale High School 

Next Availible Sites 
Andrew Jackson Academy
Annapolis Road Academy AHS
Beltsville Academy 
Benjamin Stoddert Middle School
Bladensburg High School 
Bowie High School
Margaret Brent Regional School
Buck Lodge Middle School
C. Elizabeth Rieg Regional School 
Central High School 
Chapel Forge Early Childhood
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Northwestern High
Oxon Hill High School
Possibility Prep Charter School
Potomac High School
Robert Goddard Montessori School
Samuel Ogle Middle School
Samuel P. Massie Academy
Stephen Decatur Middle School
Suitland High School
Surrattsville High School  
Tall Oaks Vocational High School
Tanglewood Regional School
Thomas G. Pullen Creative  Arts School
Thomas Johnson Middle School
Thurgood G. Marshall Middle School
Turning Point Academy Public Charter
Walker Mill Middle School
William Schmidt Outdoor Education
William W. Hall Academy
William Wirt Middle School

Below is the list of Schools the Prince George's County Board of Education has made available for cell towers. 
Is Your Child's School on This  List ?

We Want

Safe Schools for 

Our Children! 

Jessie B. Mason Special Ctr
John Hanson Montessori
Kettering Middle
Largo High School
Laurel High School
Martin Luther King, Jr. Middle
Nicholas Orem Middle

Dr. Henry Wise Jr. High School  
Drew-Freeman Middle School  
DuVal High School
Dwight Eisenhower Middle School
Eleanor Roosevelt High School
Ernest Everett Just Middle
EXCEL Academy Charter Public
Fairmont Heights High School
Forestville High School
Frances Fuchs Early Childhood Center
Frederick Douglass High School
Friendly High School
G James Gholson Middle School
Greenbelt Middle School
Gwynn Park High School
Gwynn Park Middle School
H. Winship Wheatley Early Childhood
High Point High School
Howard Owens Science Center
Hyattsville Middle School
Imagine Lincoln Public Charter School
Isaac Gourdine Middle School
James Duckworth Regional School

We are opposed to cell phone towers being erected on school properties. As a community we want our voices to be heard. We want an immediate halt to all cell tower construction on school property. 

Our Concerns

We oppose these cell towers because of Health, Safety and Environmental Concerns.

We are concerned about a commercial industrial business on our school grounds.

We are concerned that many in our community do not feel a part of the decision making process.

We are concerned that many citizens were unaware of this issue and were not able to make public comment ​because they simply DID NOT KNOW such a huge decision was being made by the Board of Education in 2010. 

In 2010 the Board of Education approved the leasing of public school grounds for  cell phone towers  and in 2011 the leasing master agreement was signed with Milestone Communications.

Who We Are
We are parents who love our children.
We are neighbors who care about our community. 
We are cancer survivors who choose health. 
We are teachers who love our children. 

What We Want

We do not want cell towers at our children's schools or near our homes.

We have different concerns but all agree on our mission.  

We do not want to fight each tower one by one.

We are concerned about the time and money being spent on this issue which detracts from the serious educational issues our county faces.

We want to stop this commercial venture on our schools now.

We want an end to the Prince George's County Cell Tower leasing deal and a full dialogue on the issue between the community and the Board of Education.

We want better schools and happy healthy kids.

We believe our elected and government officials hold the same values and love for our children but just need to be informed of  all the facts in the matter. 



Cell tower radiation disrupts the birds and the bees and can impact our environment 

health matters

long term Radiation poses a threat to ouR health

safety concerns

cell towers bring hazards onto  our playgrounds

Property Values Drop

Homeowners could lose money